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Everyone wants to have an attractive, healthy smile, but not everyone is aware of what it takes to maintain one. It demands healthy dental habits at home and the professional care of a general dentist to ensure a lifetime of proper dental health.

What Distinguishes a General Dentist from Other Dentists?

While some dentists only focus on specific dental fields for certain types of patients, these dental professionals perform all types of dental services on patients of every age to maintain the health of patients’ teeth and gums.

How Can a General Dentist Help You Get a Healthy Smile?

These dental experts can keep your teeth, gums, and smile in the very best condition. They can protect you from dental problems, maintain your dental health, and treat any issues affecting your teeth and gums. Essentially, these dentists can help you maintain good dental health and a strong, attractive smile for the rest of your life.

Which General Dentistry Services Do Dentists Perform?

Today, you can expect to find an extensive range of procedures and treatments to enhance dental health at a dentist general practice. At our general family dentistry office, we can provide you with all of the following treatments and procedures.

  • Dental Bridges
  • Dental Hygiene
  • Dental Implants
  • Dental Reconstruction
  • Dental Sealants
  • Fillings and Restoration
  • Gingivitis/Gum Disease Treatment
  • Root Canal Therapy
  • Softline Dentures
  • Tooth Extractions

Do You Need to Have Frequent Dental Visits?

Many patients wonder, “Do I need to see a general dentist near me very often?” While dental experts advise seeing a dentist twice a year, the frequency of your visits is based on your dental health, treatment needs, age, and other factors. The dentist will tell you how often you need to return.

What Is the Normal Cost of a General Dentist Office Visit?

The cost of a seeing a dentist is determined by your particular insurance coverage and the types of general dentistry services performed. Call our office and we will be happy to discuss the cost of your visit.

Is It Difficult to Schedule a Dental Appointment?

Arranging your dental appointment is as simple as can be. Just call our dental practice, tell us when you are available for a visit, and we can schedule your appointment around your busy lifestyle.

How Much Time Should I Set Aside for an Appointment?

Plan for your dental appointment to take around an hour, though it may take longer if you require extensive treatment or require less time if you need basic care. If you have certain time constraints, please contact our office prior to your appointment to let us know.

What Should I Do to Get Ready to See a Dentist?

Visiting the dentist should be a simple and comfortable experience, so there isn’t much you must do to prepare. All we ask is that you come to the office with your insurance information, full knowledge of your medical status, and arrive for your appointment on time. If you have any anxiety about your visit, just tell our office staff so we can help calm your nerves.

Are Dental Visits Necessary?

Yes, because the only way to detect dental problems, treat dental diseases, and protect your dental health is by seeing a dentist regularly. Simply visiting a dentist a couple of times a year can save you the time, pain, and expense of major dental problems that demand extensive treatment. To protect your dental health and keep your smile looking its best, call our dental practice to schedule an appointment today.

Dental Bridges

If you are missing one or more of your teeth, our doctors in South Ocala may be able to restore your smile using a dental bridge. Bridges are composed of a replacement tooth or teeth supported on either side by […]

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Dental Implants

Losing a tooth due to gum disease or other problems can leave you with embarrassing gaps in your smile. Dentures and bridges can fill in the space, but they require frequent maintenance and may cause irritation and discomfort. Dental […]

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Dental Reconstruction

As part of a carefully planned combination of general, cosmetic and orthodontic dentistry, dental reconstruction is a comprehensive treatment approach for patients with mild to chronic pain from severe dental problems, such as tooth loss, facial muscle distortion, gum disease […]

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Dental Sealants

Dental sealants act as a barrier to prevent cavities. The treatment entails applying a thin, safe plastic coating to the molars, which are the most commonly used teeth for chewing, protecting them from plaque and acids. The process of applying […]

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Fillings and Restorations

Our dentists in South Ocala offer dental fillings to treat cavities. Dental fillings can also be also used to repair cracked or broken teeth. Ask about tooth-colored fillings that make your mouth look more natural and attractive.

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Full and Partial Dentures

Dentures are removable sets of false teeth designed to take the place of the teeth you’ve lost. Tooth loss is a serious health issue, forcing you to change your eating habits, weakening your jawbone and changing your appearance. Dentures help […]

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Gingivitis/Gum Disease Treatment

Gum disease treatment in South Ocala is diagnosed to prevent and treat a variety of diseases affecting the gums. Also known as gum disease, periodontal disease involves bacterial growth (a colorless film called “plaque”) that gradually destroys the tissue surrounding […]

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Oral Hygiene

Good oral health is essential for high-quality overall health and well-being, and the first line of defense for keeping teeth and gums healthy is an at-home dental hygiene routine combined with twice-yearly visits to the dentist. To find out more […]

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Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy or a root canal procedure can relieve the pain caused by diseased or injured pulp tissue in the center of the tooth. Many times, this tissue cannot repair itself and root canal therapy is required to save […]

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Softline Dentures

Soft-lined dentures help our South Ocala patients achieve a new level of comfort. They also help improve the health of your gum tissue by absorbing pressure caused by chewing. With the same great benefits of standard hard-lined dentures, soft-lined dentures […]

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Tooth Extractions

Unfortunately, teeth can become diseased, damaged or injured over time, and in some cases, may need to be removed (extracted). If this should happen to you, one of our highly experienced dentists in South Ocala will make the tooth extraction […]

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Most professional office staff, the BEST hygienist and my very favorite dentist, Dr Torres!
Patricia P.
They are great. My only complaint is my own fault. I never floss!!!! Lol. They are so nice and very good at the cleanings. Sarah is the best
Brandon J.
Nice caring people
Gerald W.
Everyone at Advanced Dental Care of Shady Road is professional, friendly and courteous. Thanks especially to Dr. Torres for his attention to detail, and to Jenny for her precision and knowledge.
Dave D.
I have been going here for a long time and I could not be more happy with Advanced Dental. Starting with just signing in. They always make me feel welcome. The hygienists are great and always handles […]
Gary D.
I had another great experience having my periodontal maintenance cleaning performed by Sarah. She takes her time to do a very thorough and comfortable procedure. I would definitely recommend Sarah […]
Joseph V.
I am very pleased and happy that I came to this office. Dr. Chan and his assistants; Melissa, Lese, and Sarah are very nice and are very caring individuals. They are highly skilled and very thorough.
Barbara K.
Caring, skilled professional staff that takes great care of their patients!
Barbara K.
My family and I love the staff and especially the office manager. She makes sure that we are taking care of and the environment is family friendly. We love our dentist family❤️
Isaac W.
The staff here is great! Going to the dentist has always been a fear of mine but i actually left this place with a smile on my face. A huge thank you to Leci!
Destanie P.
All the staff, from the front desk, to financial, to hygenists, to Dr. Larkin, have all been exceptional. They have consistently made my children feel comfortable and safe (my daughter actually said […]
Brynne L.
Every staff member from reception is to dental assistance back to check out are very polite kind caring and friendly. And my dentist Dr. Torres well he’s the greatest very knowledgeable patient […]
Brenda J.
Very friendly and efficient. Prompt service. Didn’t push unnecessary products or procedures
Peter G.
Everyone very professional and helpful. Treatment by Dr. Ospina was above reproach. Couldn’t be more pleased.
Dale V.
Everyone was nice
Tanya S.
The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable.
Janet W.
Excellent skills of the dentist (Torres) and dental assistant (Chloe) and their prompt and courteous service.
Cynthia N.
My spouse and I have been a long time customer of Advanced Dental Care and seen many Dentist come and go. The standards continue to reamain high.
Walter L.
Great teeth cleaning and the hygienist was very friendly
Yelitza M.
Absolutely love Sara she does an amazing job on my teeth- I’m very happy with the service they provide!
Annie B.
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