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Why the Benefits of Early Braces are Worth the Cost


While braces are worn at every age today, experts agree that orthodontic evaluations should start at an early age. In fact, The American Association of Orthodontists recommend that children receive an orthodontic exam by the time they are seven years old to tell if braces will be required and to determine the ideal time for treatment.

Benefits of Childhood Treatment

Early treatment isn’t wise for all children, but early evaluations are always a smart move. Evaluations let orthodontists develop a long-term treatment plan based on the child’s development and needs throughout their life. And in many cases, early diagnosis and treatment can position teeth more favorably and allow for healthy dental development, such as:

  • Gaining space for permanent teeth
  • Reducing the risk of impacted permanent teeth
  • Guiding jaw growth
  • Preventing wear on the teeth
  • Increasing the longevity of natural teeth
  • Correcting thumb sucking
    • Eliminating problems with speech and swallowing
    • Answering the question, “How much do braces cost?” and therefore easing the financial burden by reducing the treatment time and the need for dental care later in life

Of course, early treatment is not the right path for some children because certain orthodontic problems are better corrected in the teen years when the permanent teeth have come in and the skull has fully developed.

Cost of Braces

No matter age at the time of treatment, braces cost will vary by the individual’s needs, the type of treatment, and even the city where care is received. While large metal braces used to be the only option, today there are many choices including tooth-colored ceramic braces, small braces placed behind teeth, and removable invisible braces. The traditional metal braces are the most affordable orthodontics choice, but keep in mind that they are smaller and more discreet than in years past. Your orthodontist will discuss your options to help determine which type will suit your needs and budget, so you can answer that burning question, “How much do braces cost?”

Answers for Affordable Orthodontics

While some dental insurance helps cover what braces cost, people without insurance have two worthwhile paths to affordable orthodontics care. CareCredit is one option. It’s a personal healthcare credit card that allows you to finance and pay off various treatments. Benefits include:

  • Monthly payments
  • Special financing options not found with most credit cards
  • Acceptance by 175,000 providers nationwide

DentRite® is the other choice. This is a dental savings plan that delivers significant savings on dental procedures. Advantages include:

  • Acceptance for everyone
  • Membership options for individuals and families
  • Limitless usage

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